Special Events

memorable experiences

Our dining team loves to create unique and memorable events for our guests on grounds. From our exclusive Farm Table Dinners to our variety of fun and engaging pop-ups, we want dining events to be remembered long after our guests leave grounds. Here are just a few examples of special events that we organize.

Farm Table Dinners

During each semester, we set up a farm table where our culinary team will serve a 5 course plated tasting menu for a small group of guests! This exclusive event is a wonderful way for our chefs to show off their culinary talent!


We hold frequent impromptu pop-ups here at Runk as a surprise for students! Our chefs will surprise students with a special treat, ranging from fresh baked pretzels to vegan street tacos!


Our Health and Wellness Manager, holds many events throughout the year. The events are intended both to promote to students the many dietary options that our dining program offers, as well as to educate students about nutrition and healthy eating. Some events include education on plant-based alternatives to boosting your knowledge on vitamins!


We hold events to promote both our sustainability efforts at Runk and our partnerships with local farms and vendors. Some of our events include waste remix, which highlights how to utilize your food scraps to help eliminate food waste to showcasing sustainable hydroponic farming with our Babylon Micro-Farm!