Sustainability Initiatives

responsible sourcing

Our chefs work closely with local food systems to source our food responsibly. By sourcing seasonal ingredients and products produced with integrity, we can sustain responsible partners. To us, sustainable food means ingredients that are 3rd party certified as sustainably produced and ingredients that are sourced from local and community based vendors.

Our team is passionate about incorporating local, seasonal ingredients into menus as much as possible. Harvest Table has implemented a preferential purchasing system that identifies food grown or produced within 150 miles, and its sustainable attributes. Local produce is harvested closest to its peak for a fresher, more flavorful nutrient-filled result. Not only do local foods tend to be fresher, local purchasing reduces transportation carbon emissions and invests money into community-based operations. Look for locally grown signage to taste the best flavors our area has to offer, celebrate the season selections, and support the local efforts of our community!

our operations

Sustainable practices extend to our facility, where our team members work to ensure that our daily operations contribute to a healthy environment.

The Table at Runk is 3 Star Green Restaurant Certified®, meeting rigorous standards in categories such as water efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable food sourcing, and pollution reduction.

waste minimization

Through reusable, compostable, and recyclable materials, our teams strive to reduce waste in all forms.

Reusable to go containers are available for Runk Dining Hall. Simply return your container for a new, clean container, or get a voucher to use a reusable container in the future!