Farm Table Dinner Featuring an all Vegetarian Meal

On Tuesday, October 5th, we hosted our first Farm Table Dinner of the semester. Twelve lucky students had the opportunity to join us for a 5-course meal created by our expert culinarians.  Chef Tom and Chef Janie created an all Vegetarian, Italian-inspired meal that featured over 20 local partners. To start off the night, the students were served an Aperitivo, which is meant to help cleanse your palate for the upcoming course. The Aperitivo was a Goat Cheese Ricotta with Tomato Basil Foam that was beautifully presented.  Following this course was the Antipasti, which means before pasta. This course was a Vegetable Charcuterie Board that featured house made butters, fresh local cheeses, pickled vegetables and local crackers.

Then our guests were served Primi, which is your first hot meal of the course. This was a Spaghetti Squash Carbonara that featured crispy “bacon” tofu and a sous video egg yolk. Then we moved to our entrée course which is called Secondi.  This was a Butternut Squash Risotto where our chefs utilized fresh sage from our Babylon Micro Farm. Finally, to round out a beautiful menu, our Dolce course, which translate to sweet, was a Red Wine Roached Asian Pear with house made pepita brittle.

Goat Cheese Ricotta with Tomato Basil Foam (Aperitivo)

Vegetable Charcuterie Board (Antipasti) – Kale Chips, Pickled Cucumbers & Okra, Eggplant Jerky, Apples, Lusk Gouda, Marmac Cheddar, Fromage Blanc, Good Phyte Crackers, Whole Grain Mustard, Pumpkin Butter, Roasted Poblano Tomatillo Puree.

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara (Primi) – Crispy “Bacon” Tofu, Sous Vide Egg Yolk, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with a Savory Cream Sauce

Butternut Squash Risotto (Secondi) – Roasted Maple Cider Acorn Squash, Fried Sage with Roasted Pine Nuts

Red Wine Poached Asian Pear (Dolce) – Pepita Brittle, Whipped Cream, Red Wine Reduction

Our first dinner of the semester was a huge successes and we can’t wait for more to come! Our chefs worked hard to create a beautifully crafted menu that not only showed off their culinary skills, but also highlighted some great local partners and farms we work with every day at Runk. We love these types of events because we get to witness friendships being formed among our guests, our chefs amazing skills, but we also get to have great conversation with our guests to see what they would love to have as a part of their dining experience. We can’t wait for our next Farm Table Dinner!