Chef’s Table: Tierra

Chef’s Tables are a great way for our talented culinary team to showcase their skills and show off dishes they love. Today, Tierra took over our Plant Forward station with a 100% Vegan meal. On the menu was Jerk Watermelon, Mac and “Cheese” and a house made vegan chocolate sauce for her chocolate covered banana dessert. When we asked Tierra her inspiration behind her menu she said, “While I am not a vegan myself, it is interesting to see what all you can make from fruits and vegetables to create a pretty cool dish! I also love that I am able to develop recipes that are fun and different for our vegan students.”

Jerk Watermelon with Vegan Mac and “Cheese” 

Our Chef’s Tables truly help us create unique experiences for our guests. Stay tuned for more creative Chef’s Tables throughout the semester! We are always eager and excited to show off our amazing culinary team and their skills!